Present education system challenges and solutions

present education system

Present education system challenges and solutions

:- By Aniket Gupta

Hello everyone. Today we are going highlight Present education system challenges and solutions. There are some challenges in our current Present education system. So with this blog we are going to put some light on Challenges of Present education system and their solutions.

Present education system challenges and solutions
Present education system challenges and solutions

Challenges of Present education system 

Following are some of the challenges of the present education system:

Present education system challenges and solutions

  • Education system is a decade old.

The technology which we are using today has been changed completely from the one introduced to our forefathers. Today we can observe that the technology is changing everyday. New advancements are coming into it day by day. Even our lifestyle has completely changed. But has remain changed is our present education system. The whole education system is a decade old. The things taught to us have completely evolved in every phase. Sometimes while reading the textbooks I feel that I am reading history of everything and nothing about the current thing. Since our own education system is not updated then how can we think of a brighter future.

  • Practicals are only for name purpose.

The practicals are introduced in the curriculum these days but in majority of the schools and colleges they are not given as much importance and seriousness as the theory subjects are given. Having knowledge about something is okay. But until we have our hands on practice, how can we say that we are well aware of that thing. In some schools the practicals are implemented in an efficient way but when the time of  their assessment comes then every tricky and shortest path is employed. They are not given that type of invigilation which the theory subjects are given which results in casual approach of students towards these practicals.

Present education system challenges and solutions

  • No reference or very little reference to latest technology.

In few of the books used in classroom teaching, which claims to have mentioned about the latest technology they have only touched the topics and then went away. And when the same child goes to the outside world he then realizes that he is technically very weak. All those years he has only focussed on other topics and have not known about the  new technology.

  • Focus is more on marks than on skills.

The first wish we and present education system put on our child after we send them to some school is to come first  in the class or to score good marks. We even give incentives to them for scoring good marks. Now it is important to know that marks obtained after cramming some sentences and then writing them in exam sheet is useless. That is not learning. This is not going to enhance their knowledge,  it will only increase the pressure of their mind. You yourself imagine a small child with a bucket full of pressure to score high. Present education system and we never encourage our child to boost their skills up. If our child comes in front of us and wish to  learn swimming we will give him an incentive to score good marks and then swimming classes will start. And in between those classes if the you failed to score then your swimming classes will be stopped.

Present education system challenges and solutions

  • Real purpose of education is not taught.

Present education system does not teach our child the real meaning of education. The students are never taught the aim of education is to provide knowledge, not of facts but of values. The effect of this can be seen in today’s  generation by the way they treat their elders and youngers. A feeling of respect for the elders can be seen missing in today’s generation. And the reason for this is the fact that they are not taught about the real purpose of education by our system. New way of teaching may have been introduced what they are teaching still remains the same.

  •  Extra curricular activities are introduced but for very short interval of time.

Our present education system has introduced the curricular activities in their system but they are also for name purpose. Beside some good schools and colleges which offer these activities in the best way they can, many of the schools have introduced these activities for name purpose. According to the present education system, 30 minutes of an extracurricular activity in a week can boost  up  their other skills.

Present education system challenges and solutions

  • Students are only taught about a race.

A description of a kind of race is taught by the current system. If you will score more you will get more marks then Sharma ji’s kid. Even the person coming second in the race of marks is not satisfied. The one coming first is happy but only for today from the next day the pressure of retaining that position eats all his mind and energy. But  what is the fun of this race of marks. What is the fun of cramming and scoring high.

  • Intelligence and memorization are often treated as similar entity.

Often our present education system misunderstand the concept  of intelligence and memorization. It consider  the one having a good memorization power to be the intelligent one. They often forget that the best minds  are found in the last benches who focuses more on learning than cramming.

These are some of the challenges of present education system. But what can we do after knowing them also. Is there any solution for these challenges? Of course there are which are discussed in next section.

Solutions of Present education system 

We came to know about various challenges of education system. Now we are going to know  about the solutions of the challenges of Present education system. They are listed below:-

Present education system challenges and solutions

  • The syllabus need to be revised.

The whole syllabus of the present education system needs to be revised. The new technology and the new trends must be fully described in the new syllabus  designed so that the students  can get in touch with new technology rather than with the old technology which has now completely or almost vanished away.

  •  More focus on practical work must be done.

More focus must be concentrated on the practical work done along with the focus on theory. Almost same seriousness and attention must be given to the practicals in the present educational system as given to the theory subjects. This will increase their hands more on practice.

Present education system challenges and solutions

  • Interactive sessions regarding new technology must be done.

Monthly or weekly interactive sessions regarding the prevailing technology and the future technology must be done. Also interactive sessions on career paths other than studying must also be shown to the students. So that they very acknowledges themselves regarding each career field and than decide their paths on which they can go besides going to the traditional paths of becoming engineer and doctor.

  • More focus on skill building must be done.

As talked about this in earlier points, the focus must be given more on overall skill development of the student. The students must not be taught only about the subjects but their skills must be build side by side for their overall development.

Also watch this video to know more about the Present education system scenario

So these were some of the solutions of the challenges of present education system. Hope you liked them. If you also know about more challenges of present education system or have some other solutions regarding the these challenges then do let us know in the comment section below.

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