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Inspirational poem to help someone with depression and symptoms

Poem to help someone with depression

Poem to help someone with depression

” Depression begins with disappointment. When disappointment festers in your soul, it leads to discouragement. “

Poem to help someone with depression is a poem which can be used to provide a ray of hope in someone’s life and to help him heal from his current state of depression.

Depression is a state of mind where we are so much surrounded by the disappointment that we are  not able to see the ray of hope. It not only affects us but also our surroundings too. When ever  we see someone suffering from it that we always think of a way to help them. There are medicines available in the market which can deal with depression but in case of depression the medicines are not only enough to cure them. Conversation with someone who can understand one’s inner feelings can be a way to cure depression. The person suffering from depression becomes hopeless.

So one needs care, motivation and a sign of hope to get cured from this state. There can be several ways to provide hope to someone and this poem is developed to be one such way. It is a poem to help someone with depression. It is made with this purpose to bring a ray of hope in someone and made him realize to not to mourn on the things that have already happened and move on in life.

Poem to help someone with depression

:- By Aniket Gupta

Poem to help someone with depression

So here is  the Poem to help someone with depression given below.

” Sometimes you need to stand alone,

to do something out of comfort zone.

Sometimes you need to work,

To avoid your future from becoming murk.

Also sometimes you need to chill,

To bring into life adventure and thrill.

Sometimes you need to love,

Just like a pair of dove.

Poem to help someone with depression

Sometimes you need to forgive, 

To breathe freely and to live.

Sometimes you need to lose,

To value that thing by being in a loser’s shoe.

Sometimes you need to be what you are,

And need to dream by staring at the star.

Sometimes you need to give some time,

And let your life mesmerize like a rhyme.  “

Hope you enjoyed this Poem to cure someone with depression. If yes then do share it someone whom you feel is going or suffering from depression.

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  1. It’s a beautiful composure uve made for a person to fill in with a new spirit after losing up….

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